General Information

We want your stay to be enjoyable. These rules are both the Expo Center's and those of regulatory agencies that govern the Center. We ask for your cooperation with the following:

Parents: This is a family center. Please remember that parents are responsible for their children's conduct at all times.

Tents: We have designated tent areas. Maximum number of people per tent is 4.

Safety: Clotheslines and dog runs are not allowed.

Fires: We have provided one fire pit. Outdoor burning in designated pit only.

Garbage: Do not leave trash in the fire pit. Place garbage in plastic bags with ties to eliminate odors and place in garbage cans provided by the Expo Center.

Behavior: No person shall indulge in offensive, profane, threatening, or indecent conduct or language. Intoxicated people will be evicted.

Visitors: Visitors must leave the Expo Center by10:00pm.

Showers/Rest rooms: Please be respectful of facilities and others. Clean up before you leave.

Pets: Pets are allowed in the RV Park, provided they are kept on a leash at all times. Pets are NOT allowed on the Expo Center Main Campus. See our "Pet Policy" page.


Any infraction of these rules will be grounds for eviction with NO refund.